How to Stay Warm While Your Heater Gets Fixed

A woman trying to stay warm while her heat is repaired.

Finding out that you need heating repairs in the dead of winter isn’t just stressful. It can also be dangerous, especially during our harsh Wisconsin winters. If you and your family get too cold, it might be hard to get warm again or you might get ill. Here’s what you can do to stay warm while Vesel Services is in the process of fixing your heater. 

Space Heaters

If you have space heaters, now is the time to turn them on. You can also turn on your gas fireplaces or start fires in your traditional ones. Use whatever alternate heating methods you have. 

Turn on the Oven  

If you don’t have other heating methods, turn on your oven and open the door, You may have to huddle around it but it will emit enough heat to keep you from freezing. 

Drink Warm Fluids

Heat up coffee or tea and drink it regularly. This will help to heat your body from the inside out. Holding a warm mug can also keep your fingers and hands from getting too cold. 

Stay in One Room

Body heat is a real thing. Get everyone in your household in one small, enclosed room and shut all the doors and windows. If you can add a space heater, great, but it may not be necessary. As long as you all stay there, you’ll be much warmer than you would be on your own. 

If your heat goes out, call Vesel Services right away. We’ll providing heating repairs in Caledonia and the surrounding areas fast, so you can get on with your life.

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