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If you have metal roofing in Caledonia, WI, then you know it can be hard to find roof experts who can help you with your roof! At Vesel Services, we have the metal roofing experts you need. We also offer preformed metal roofing.

We are the metal roofing company in Caledonia that will take care of all of your needs. No matter what you need for your metal roof, we will handle it so you don’t have to worry anymore.

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Metal Roof Repair

If your metal roof has suffered damage, call today and ask us about metal roof repair in Caledonia, WI. We’ll send out an expert to assess your roof and let you know what needs to happen to get it back to normal again soon. Our team will work hard to get your roof back to pristine shape. When we’re done, it will look good and work well for you, too.

Metal Roof Replacement

Is it time for a new metal roof? Call us about metal roof replacement in Caledonia, WI today. Don’t let your roof replacement wait because your home or business could suffer damage the next time there’s a storm.

We’ll make sure that metal roof replacement in Caledonia, WI is right for you, then we’ll make sure we get you the best metal roof you’ve ever had. Reach out to us today to schedule your initial consultation.

Metal Roof Installation

We’ll get your metal roof installation in Caledonia, WI completed as soon as possible, at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll work with your schedule to make sure your roof replacement occurs soon. If we are roofing your business, we’ll do our best to not interfere with your day-to-day operations so you can continue working as usual.

When you need a metal roofing contractor in Caledonia who you can trust, rely on our team from Vesel Services. We have years of experience working with roofs just like yours and we’ll make sure you have the safety and security that comes from knowing you have a roof you can trust. Call today and we’ll be there soon!

The great thing about metal roofs is that Vesel Services offers metal roofing in styles that look like other roofing materials as well as original standard metal designs. Metal comes in styles that emulate slate, wood shake and others. This way you can get the exact look that you want together with the roofing durability that you need. If you want that cool look of a steel roof, these metal seam panels come in multiple colors available in a factory painted and powder coated options to fit your exact needs for your roofing project.

Vesel Services uses McElroy Metal for metal roofing and does both exposed fastener and traditional standing seams. Midwest Manufacturing is used by Vesel Services, as well.

Why invest in a metal roof?
In a word – durability.


If you don’t want that standard look of a tin roof (think of an old barn) then preformed steel offers the look of other roofing materials with the added durability of metal. Enjoy the look of Cedar Shake, Slate or even a tile roof as metal roofing can be pressed into these popular designs so that you get the look that you want and the durability that you require.


A proper metal roof coating and roof repair will stop leaks, prevent rust, and give your roof a lifetime of service. Maintaining existing metal roofs with a waterproof coating is very effective at ensuring that your roof is sealed. This application will save you money and avoid replacement on a roof that could last for decades more.  Want to save energy? In addition to adding durability, metal roof coatings offer a highly reflective surface to keep your roof cool.


This is the type of roof that you would see when you you think of an old tin roof. This is a popular and clean looking option. The seams can be finished in different styles and configurations and the panels have many options for width.

Metal Roofing in Caledonia

For all your metal roofing needs in Caledonia, trust the expert team at Vesel Services!

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