Roofing in Racine, WI

Vesel Services uses a variety of roofing products to provide a durable cost effective solution for your next roof. Vesel is an Owens Corning Preferred Installer.

roofing in racine


If you are looking for a visual transformation of your home, a well chosen roof will change the way that you view your home. Every home has a different requirement for roofing, so Vesel Services is always sure to provide you with a needs analysis and recommendation to cover all aspects of your project including visual appeal and all costs associated with your new roofing repair & installation project in Racine WI.


There are many options for you to choose from for your new roof, such as metal, specialty, synthetic and of course asphalt shingles. We will make sure that you know the benefits of each product option before you decide on your new roofing. Wisconsin storms can provide plenty of punishment to your roof; our dimensional roofing shingles provide an extremely high level of hail impact resistance. A high quality shingle will also provide protection against the extreme temperature changes that we experience in Wisconsin and save you from the damage that thermal shock causes to inferior roofing materials.


Installation quality is even more important than the quality of your roofing product choice when it comes to the finished look and longevity of your roof. Vesel only installs the very best products, Owens Corning and IKO, and we are sure to install your roof in the Racine area as per manufacturer guidelines with the added care and quality that Vesel Services is well known for. We are your local Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

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Similar to the energy-efficient appliances in your home, roofing products can provide energy-saving qualities to your home. For example, Owens Corning™ Duration Premium Cool roofing shingles can help reduce your energy bills when installed properly. These shingles reflect solar energy, decreasing the amount of heat transferred to a home’s interior and the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics. Call Vesel Services today for more information about the roofing options available to you in the Racine, Wisconsin area.

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