Expert Tips

A filter replacement in a Caledonia furnace.

Furnace Safety Tips

Most Wisconsin homeowners don’t think about furnace safety but the truth is that your furnace can easily become a fire hazard. If you haven’t been paying attention to your furnace, though, don’t worry! A few simple steps can make it safe to heat your home all winter long. Keep Your Registers Open Don’t close more … [Read More]

A woman trying to stay warm while her heat is repaired.

How to Stay Warm While Your Heater Gets Fixed

Finding out that you need heating repairs in the dead of winter isn’t just stressful. It can also be dangerous, especially during our harsh Wisconsin winters. If you and your family get too cold, it might be hard to get warm again or you might get ill. Here’s what you can do to stay warm … [Read More]

A completed heating repair in Waukesha.

The Top Heating Repairs You May Need this Winter

Many homeowners spend a large part of the winter worried about heater repair. However, you don’t have to be intimidated by the potential for problems with your furnace. Many repairs are straightforward to deal with. If you’re not sure what furnace repairs you need, call us at Vesel Services. We’ll have a heating professional to … [Read More]

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